The Peacemakers Guide to a Happy Home

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Felix dropped a ball of poop on the floor of the library this afternoon.  We were making a stealth run for the washroom when that little piece of poop went flying from his hand and rolled through the non-fiction section.  I quickly swooped down and grabbed that ball of poo like a pro.  I managed to get myself and both …

Jenny ArndtThe Peacemakers Guide to a Happy Home
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and then things fell apart and I became fearless

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I return. Although I am not sure where I went.   I am emerging from one of those periods of time when life turns in on itself.  I don’t remember exactly when it began but I know it started with tiny explosions.  At first just a few – maybe once a week.  A mini-grenade would detonate – illness, arguments, drama. …

Jenny Arndtand then things fell apart and I became fearless

Why Jesus is my homeboy

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  I love Jesus. In any given situation you will find me asking myself, ‘What would Jesus do?’ I was raised in a Catholic home – my parents taught Sunday School, I attended a Christian camp for most of my childhood and was involved in Catholic education until my early adult life. My spirituality has evolved since then. I have …

Jenny ArndtWhy Jesus is my homeboy
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Teaching Anger = Teaching Love

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It is easy to teach love.  For me to teach love to my children, it is easy.  Compassion, empathy, kindness… these seem like basic and simple to explain and experience.  To teach anger, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated.  Do we want to teach our children to be angry?  It is becoming essential in our house these …

Jenny ArndtTeaching Anger = Teaching Love