and away i go

and then things fell apart and I became fearless

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I return. Although I am not sure where I went.   I am emerging from one of those periods of time when life turns in on itself.  I don’t remember exactly when it began but I know it started with tiny explosions.  At first just a few – maybe once a week.  A mini-grenade would detonate – illness, arguments, drama. …

Jenny Arndtand then things fell apart and I became fearless

Why Jesus is my homeboy

Jenny Arndt Love

  I love Jesus. In any given situation you will find me asking myself, ‘What would Jesus do?’ I was raised in a Catholic home – my parents taught Sunday School, I attended a Christian camp for most of my childhood and was involved in Catholic education until my early adult life. My spirituality has evolved since then. I have …

Jenny ArndtWhy Jesus is my homeboy