Qi Gong


qi gongI was searching for something that allowed me to feel strong and courageous and graceful all at once and I found it in Qi Gong. I love to dance and l love yoga, but nothing brings me to a place of peace and centeredness like the practice of Qi Gong.

It tumbled into my life 16 years ago and I have never looked back.  Instead my devotion to it propels me forward and allows me to move through life with vitality, unshakable steadiness and a sense of peace that is always there – no matter what. I have had a deep and committed relationship with Qi Gong since 1999 – it is a full blown love affair.  Placing this at the centre of my life allows me to be the best version of myself, make magic and create miracles. 

What is it?


On the most basic level Qi Gong is the study of energy.  It is a method of energy cultivation – a way, a system, to organize the energy in our body.  As an energy system, it has many similarities to both Yoga and Tai Chi.  What sets it apart from these other practices is that it specializes in generating, directing and utilizing energy.  Qi Gong is a very pragmatic way for an individual to manage their life so that they can experience health and happiness. It involves movements, stretches, postures, meditation, breath work and self-discipline. 


Over the years I have come to know and understand that the discipline of this practice has given me the ability to create an actual relationship with energy or Qi.  Because of my practice I can feel, see and manipulate the energy within my body and my environment. It is magic and it is available to everyone.

We are all here experiencing life, how each of us experience this life is our choice.  Qi Gong is a practical way to empower an individual to take hold of their own life and create something beautiful and meaningful.  It allows a person to liberate themselves from disease and self-destructive behaviour. The quality of our life has nothing to do with the things that happen outside of us. It has everything to do with how we respond and interact with the world.  It has everything to do with self-discipline and love.

Qi Gong is an offering of gratitude. I have a beautiful, strong body and I honour it by moving it and giving it the love and respect it deserves.  When we peel back the layers, removing the excess energy – we reveal the beauty that is inherent in all of us.

It is all about self-cultivation.  When we find our center and move through life from this place – we experience peace. This is why I practice Qi Gong and this is why I teach it to others.  By cultivating the self, we are able to take full responsibility for preserving our health, experiencing vitality and nurturing spiritual awareness.

My mission is to demystify Qi Gong and make it more accessible.  I am currently teaching in Niagara and the Toronto area. See the schedule for classes and workshops.




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