Why Jesus is my homeboy

Jenny Arndt Love

  I love Jesus. In any given situation you will find me asking myself, ‘What would Jesus do?’ I was raised in a Catholic home – my parents taught Sunday School, I attended a Christian camp for most of my childhood and was involved in Catholic education until my early adult life. My spirituality has evolved since then. I have …

Jenny ArndtWhy Jesus is my homeboy
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Dancing with Anger and the Discomfort of Spring

Jenny Arndt Wellness

I can hear you all cheering.  Stuffing your winter coats into the closet, throwing open the windows – faces turned to the sun.  I am doing the same. Crawling out of the depths of that long, cold winter. The feeling is visceral – I can actually feel Spring within every corner of my being.  The shift is palpable.  Where we …

Jenny ArndtDancing with Anger and the Discomfort of Spring
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Teaching Anger = Teaching Love

Jenny Arndt Family, Kids

It is easy to teach love.  For me to teach love to my children, it is easy.  Compassion, empathy, kindness… these seem like basic and simple to explain and experience.  To teach anger, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated.  Do we want to teach our children to be angry?  It is becoming essential in our house these …

Jenny ArndtTeaching Anger = Teaching Love

I need more grace than I thought

Jenny Arndt Wellness

‘The light changes. I need more grace than I thought’  Rumi There are many pathways to inner peace, but they all essentially lead to the same place.  I have been on a bit of an expedition over the past 15 years, looking for the most enjoyable and scenic route. I figure we might as well have fun while attaining enlightenment.  …

Jenny ArndtI need more grace than I thought