helpInside of each and every one of us exists something that is completely calm and at peace. Right now, in this moment, it is there. It is part of who you are – it is your true self.

How do we find our way to this aspect of ourselves? What is the most direct path? And what are the obstacles? 

There is only one way and that way is in. The greatest obstacle standing between ourselves and this self-awareness is the mind.  The human mind is beautiful and powerful but undisciplined and rebellious, it resists guidance and control.  The mind wants to be wild and free and it should be.  Imagination should never be repressed, but it does need to be shaped and encouraged in a healthy direction. Developing a skillful imagination is a potent tool that enables us to create confidence and courage and allows us to move towards our goals.  It also has the ability to create a connection with our higher self and experience true self-awareness.

In my life experience I have found that meditation is the most practical and accessible way to shape the imagination and train the mind.  The goal of meditation is to rise above the mind and observe it with curiosity and compassion.  When we enter a practice of meditation we become able to see all aspects of ourself and experience what lies at the very center of our being.

The word meditate means to think over or to ponder. It is not an act of seeking or searching but rather a discovery of what exists beyond our thoughts. We do not train ourselves to concentrate but instead lift ourselves above the mind so that we can see clearly.

Through seeing clearly we develop authentic love for ourselves and others. Then we become fearless in life, because where there is real love – fear cannot exist.

‘When you know your mind is as vast as the sky; a few clouds or storms are inconsequential.  The sky accepts all forms of weather.  It knows that underneath it all – it is always just a sky without end.’

                                                       Susan Piver

I have been cultivating my meditation practice for over 20 years and it has humbled me to no end. My perpetual exploration of the countless ways in which we can approach meditation has been an adventure and a labour of love. My passion for it brings me to guide others and I am always looking for creative ways to share my wisdom. 

Please see my schedule for available workshops and classes. I am also available to work one on one with those who are interested in taking their practice to a deeper level.

In the meantime – be gentle with your beautiful self and know that there is so, so much more.


Jenny ArndtMeditation