JENNYWhen I was a kid I believed that if I could take away other people’s pain I would make the world a more beautiful place. My 7 year old self was on a mission to banish sadness and create peace where ever I went. 

 Things haven’t changed much, but I see more clearly now. 

I have come to realize that sometimes life is uncomfortable and in this beautiful, wild world it is easy to become overwhelmed, tired and confused. I now know that all this is a natural part of living and it happens to all of us.

I believe that with the right tools and resources life can be adventurous and filled with grace, even during our most painful and awkward moments.  There are times when everything unravels and loses shape – those times when we become disconnected with our sense of well-being. My passion as an educator and therapist is to connect others with their personal source of strength and inspire others to create peace within their own lives. 

Over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to work with many beautiful and diverse people, with many beautiful and diverse challenges. Addictions, back pain, infertility, pregnancy, depression, death, Cancer, divorce, heartbreak, insomnia, exhaustion, confusion … It doesn’t matter what challenges life brings to us – we don’t have to navigate them alone. 

What else?

I am a speaker, writer, coach, therapist, educator and perpetual student of interesting things.

I am also a mama to two wild and funny little boys. This means that I am a peace-maker, story-teller, wound-healer, emotional-stabilizer, clown, nurse, food scientist and love ninja. 

I teach meditation and Qi Gong to people from 2 – 100 years of age and believe that peace of mind is accessible to anyone at any stage of life.

I love people and I have the ability to step outside of judgement and allow things to be as they are. 

But I am also an agent of change and I see a world full of people who have a deep desire to find a new way of being. 




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