BEGIN ::: Decide. Create. Align

Jenny Arndt Retreats and Workshops

We get to decide. We get to shape our lives. We get to direct our energy wherever we wish. But we must make a deliberate choice.

We have walked through the doorway of another year. Leaving behind 2017 and embarking on the adventure that will be 2018. How do you want your life to unfold? It’s a good question. Probably the most important question you could ask yourself.

I have created a full day retreat so that we can come together to connect with our desires, our goals, and our vision for the year ahead. Space for us to let go of all that we have experienced in 2017 so that we are able to walk forward with fresh energy and clarity for what we want to manifest.

A new year is an opportunity to arm yourself with the tools, guidance and mindset necessary to create all of the good stuff you want to experience in 2018. To align with the energy that will carry you to all of the places that you want to go. With ease.

January 13 2018 @ South Coast Guest House, Port Colborne ONĀ  {9am-4pm}

Cost: $220.00 includes … Workshop / Workbook / Meditation Instruction /Qi Gong / Lunch / Refreshments and Snacks

Jenny ArndtBEGIN ::: Decide. Create. Align