Why we are all losing our center (and our minds)

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Anyone else feel kind of nuts? Are your kids extra bananas? Have you turned into an insomniac?

Don’t take it personally – it is just the Universal forces at work. You are not alone. (I feel like I have been saying this to a lot of people lately)

As we close in on the Solstice (next week)  the upward moving energy intensifies.  If you look around you everything continues to grow and the light increases everyday. This is big energy. This is the energy that creates worlds, that makes babies grow, that pushes sap up the trunk of a tree.  Powerful stuff people.

This same life force moves within our body and so the movement of energy in our external environment pulls us upward. If we don’t have a strong center or a solid ground under our feet we become wild and untethered.

Overthinking, anxiety, sleeplessness, emotional chaos, physical imbalance.

upRight? I know you feel it too – we all do.

Our children are affected even more than us because they already have so much of this energy in their little bodies – it is what propels them to grow.

So what is the remedy?

Find your center. Feel the ground beneath your feet.

Pulling focus into our physical body takes us out of our thinking mind and into the present moment. The only place where stability exists is right now. The past and future are unsafe – full of wobble, trauma and uncertainty. But right now is safe and certain.

I am all about practicality so here are some little tricks that will help you keep your feet on the ground during this sunny season.

  • take a salt bath a few times a week
  • exercise – dance, move, anything that will bring you into your body
  • walk barefoot outside (not only for hippies – this is a very simple and effective way to ground your energy)
  • eat grounding foods – potatoes, turnips, beets, radishes, carrots
  • Check in with yourself. I set the alarm on my phone every hour – when it goes off I stop, put my hands on my belly and take 10 big, deep, slow breaths

Creating space and time to center throughout the day is a game changer.  What am I thinking? How do I want to feel? How do I need to feel? 

How do I need to feel? Centered. Solid. Stable.  I like to pretend that I am a tightrope walker as I make my way in the world. Before I move out onto the wire I steady myself – always. Work out my wobble. I don’t run the wire. DON’T RUN THE WIRE.

Walk on the earth, hug a tree, breathe.

One step at a time we find our way back to our center. Grab hold of that energy and bring it down. Don’t worry, it isn’t boring with your feet on the ground. Life is inspiring and exciting and you don’t feel crazy. Drama is replaced with clarity.

And what about the little people?

Get them outside. Give them a massage before they go to bed. Have them tap their body. Stomp their feet. Roar like a lion. And most importantly, manage your expectations. When I get frustrated with my children’s exuberant energy – I have forgotten that they are kids.

heartAnd so my friends, as we enter this summer season let us tame the wild and free – just enough so that we don’t let it carry us away.

The summer solstice is a time when we can reach up and touch heaven with our fingertips. We just need to make sure our feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Coming at you with a whole lot of sunshine. J



Jenny ArndtWhy we are all losing our center (and our minds)