Why Jesus is my homeboy

Jenny Arndt Love


Jesus is my homeboyI love Jesus. In any given situation you will find me asking myself, ‘What would Jesus do?’

I was raised in a Catholic home – my parents taught Sunday School, I attended a Christian camp for most of my childhood and was involved in Catholic education until my early adult life.

My spirituality has evolved since then. I have explored every corner of my soul, experimented with many spiritual traditions, fell deeply in love with Buddhism, became a committed practitioner of Taoism – and still my path brought me back to Jesus.

Did Jesus Christ really walk this earth? I don’t actually think that even matters. But if he did – I would have been his friend and disciple.  I wish more people would ask themselves the question, “What would Jesus do?’ as a guiding principle in their lives.  We would be living in a much more beautiful world.

Unfortunately the message gets a bit muddled in the mire of religion and our patriarchal society.  So let me simplify it for you.

  • Open your heart
  • Judge not, (like – never)
  • Teach love – always
  • Be a light unto the world

I keep these words written on a piece of paper and I carry it around with me in my back pocket every single day.

Whenever I feel overcome with anger I conjure up the image of Jesus with his heart – right there, open and exposed, closed to no one. He made his love available to each and every human being that crossed his path. Extending love in this unconditional way has a deep and far-reaching impact. It’s powerful stuff.

Today is Easter. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus holds a potent message, one that could transform our world if we made an effort to really understand it and live it every day.

Choosing love and forgiveness in the face of anger, fear and violence gives us the power to rise above this physical world and become a healing force.

It isn’t about martyrdom or sacrifice.  It is about staying centred in the midst of chaos, about recognizing that our choices can make a positive impact on all of humanity.

Christ Consciousness is a real tangible energy. It is available to all of us if we can just lift our sights above the human drama.

Let your light shine beautiful people.  And above all, always, always choose love.




Jenny ArndtWhy Jesus is my homeboy