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Dancing with Anger and the Discomfort of Spring

Jenny Arndt Wellness

Spring!I can hear you all cheering.  Stuffing your winter coats into the closet, throwing open the windows – faces turned to the sun.  I am doing the same. Crawling out of the depths of that long, cold winter.

The feeling is visceral – I can actually feel Spring within every corner of my being.  The shift is palpable.  Where we were once tight and closed, we want to open.

But the change isn’t sweet and subtle.  A vital force pushes us up and out.  Not unlike the first flower of Spring, we also have to press through the cold hard ground of winter.  There is a great build up of energy, excitement and expectation.  We know it is coming, but when? This is a time of great tension.  Growth is uncomfortable and awkward and so we all squirm and try to find a graceful way to shed the heaviness of winter.

This season is creative and powerful and so are we.  The question is, are we going to use the potent energy of Spring or are we going to let the discomfort scare us away?

Now is not the time to sit back and relax.  It is time to get ready. To move. To light that fire in your belly.

Now is not the time to sit back and relax.

The powerful energy of Spring is available to you.  The force that pushes the green buds through the bark of the tree, that allows the fragile flower to emerge from the frozen soil, that inspires the bird to break free from the egg – is also within you.  One of the saddest and most detrimental misunderstandings we make as humans is that we are somehow separate from the natural world.  Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are deeply connected to the Earth.

RhubarbMy wish for you is to harness the energy of Spring and push on through.  Get uncomfortable.  Breathe through the tension.  Realize your potential.  Don’t stay tight inside your bud.  The opportunity is here to grow and expand.  You already know what you need to do.  Get on it.  This is not the time to be lazy.  Winter is over.

The anger and frustration? That is growth.  That is your spirit calling you out.  There is nothing wrong with anger as long as you listen to the message that it holds for you.

I am dancing with my own anger these days.  It kind of feels like I have been running directly into the same brick wall over and over again.  So I have been looking at it – pretty hard, because I can’t really move forward until I break free from it.  I have come to realize that for myself – anger is a result of me playing small.  When I look at the problem and not the solution, when I forget to recognize the ridiculous beauty that surrounds me, when I put myself in a teeny-tiny box – anger always follows close behind.

And you know, when I have been holding onto that anger for too long? It’s because I have been too darn stubborn to change.  If you are feeling angry all the time – there is a high probability that you are resisting change too.  But here we are – right now – and there has never been a better time to make a shift.

The entire Universe is conspiring to assist you. Don’t play small. Be your big self.

Are you ready?

As always, with the biggest of love.


Jenny ArndtDancing with Anger and the Discomfort of Spring