Make like a tree

Jenny Arndt Wellness

TreeWhen a tree enters the season of autumn it instinctively knows to shed its leaves.  While these leaves have provided the tree with the ability to absorb the sun and grow – it is ready to let go of them as the seasons begin to shift.

There is wisdom in nature that we humans often take for granted.  As I look around me on my daily walk I notice that the trees and squirrels and birds are all preparing for the winter months ahead while us people are frolicking around like it is still summer.

So my friends, while flip flops and strawberries and long sunny days are all delicious it is time to look up at the changing sky and welcome the beautiful season of fall.

This is the natural time of letting go and turning inward.  Just like the tree we need to shed what is no longer useful to us and sink into our roots for sustenance and strength.  We need to let things die before we move into winter.

So what are we letting go of this fall? It is great to become still and get self reflective once in awhile.  Evaluate the usefulness of something, someone, a habit.  Me … I have a few relationships that are pulling me down, some nice juicy bad habits that are affecting my physical and mental health and an addiction to drama that is wasting a lot of my time.  Let that shit go people. Cry about these things. Grieve your perceived loss and move on.

We need energy during the winter months to maintain balance and achieve wellness.  If we want to feel energetic and healthy this winter we need to properly prepare right now.  Nature is providing us with the perfect opportunity to get ready.

Good luck lovelies. I am with you in Spirit.


Jenny ArndtMake like a tree